‘Something rotten in state of Sweden’

I finished the Olof Palme biography about 18 months ago.  Since then I have kept an eye on the subject’s developments.  I know a large Swedish TV team are doing a documentary on the premise that the assassination was carried out by the South Africans.  I have been  making a series of small non fiction films too, mostly to undergird my book project, interviewing people who have written self published books giving their take on the assassination. Conny Larsson, a psychotherapist and care home owner, wrote  Nu ska jag upp och skjuta den jäveln Olof Palme (Now I am going up to shoot the Devil Olof Palme).

Sten Flygare, an entrepreneur in the arts field, wrote Palme och Sydafrika (Palme and South Africa.) Larsson says the killer was a rehabilitating criminal who was under his care in his rural rehab home in 1986. He supposedly walked out on the day to say “I am now going to shoot that devil”  Flygare claims to have recognised Eugene De Kock, South Africa’s ‘prime evil’ Apartheid regime assassin, from news footage in the public domain of Swedish TV news reports from Arlanda airport.  The writers went to the Gothenburg book fair and both books sold well. Interestingly, both Conny Larsson (and his cowriter  Ulla Keyling) and Sten Flygare claim to have had bad things happening to them. If true, that someone is harassing – gaslighting is apparently the term – then that surely indicates that they are on to something, No? Notwithstanding that each writer has a different candidate: Larsson believes the CIA/Stay Behind movement ultimately responsible. Flygare thinks it is the South Africans. (Although Flygare admits the CIA could be responsible behind the scenes.)

The three of them are not the only ones harassed: a number of other people, a journalist and civil servant digging into the Palme murder, have also had strange, sometimes dangerous, things happen to then.  So I decided to interview all these people and make a series of programmes about them, under the umbrella title Something Rotten in the State of Sweden.  I have made three episodes so far.  The South African episode featuring Flygare is as good a place as any to start





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