US intelligence countercoup against corrupt Clintons


Steven Pieczenik: internet coup 

More posts on the Kennedy assassination later this week.  As I say, the amount of corruption the various books exposes is enormous.  Kennedy emerges as the pacifist hero, and the CIA are part of the cast of villains. But this link sent to me today by a source who is by no means uncritical of the mayhem caused by the intelligence services is interesting. It comes from inside the system: Steve Pieczenik was once a prominent counterterrorism expert in the State Department.  He now claims that 16 intelligence agencies have got together to make sure Hillary doesn’t become president.  I for one am very pleased with this. They are demonstrating that they have a heart. American intelligence countercoup against corrupt Clinton and her globalist cronies.

He describes it almost poetically, how this is a new kind of coup for the internet age. In the old days you had men with peaked caps who took over the Presidential Palace and ordered tanks onto the parade avenues.  The radio station was taken over and a crackly voice announced the new dispensation.  It is no longer done in that manner anymore. This was a countercoup carried out via the internet, through American intelligence leaks to Julian Assange (ie not the Russians) who played along very bravely. The Clintons have to be gotten rid of: corrupt, having co-opted judiciary and political system. Funny – are the CIA the heroes this time round? It seems they are. Intriguing idea: internet coup. The intelligence services are striking back. It seems they are heroes. The system is finally breaking its ties with the old regime. I guess he is referring to the decision by James Comey, FBI chief, to restart investigations into allegations over improper use of email servers. Is this going to be coordinated with further chess moves against Hillary from other parts of the security apparatus ahead of the election next week? She is already falling back in the polls.

Pieczenik seems to be fighting the good fight here, but his career has not always been such a noble one.  In 1978 Italian prime minister Aldo Moro was kidnapped by the Red Brigades.  Moro, a Christian Democrat, had angered both Moscow and Washington by trying to heal Italy’s political divisions by bringing the Communists, the PCI, into government. A sort of third European way; trying to carve out some independence from the superpowers.  It has sometimes been speculated that the kidnap was a false flag: that the Red Brigades, ostensibly far left, were actually taken over and controlled by the US intelligence services.  And so Moro was being punished for consorting with the left. The Red Brigades of course had the alibi that they were supposed to be leftis, a sort of Italian Baader Meinhof. When Moro made the move anyway, Kissinger warned him that he would pay dearly for this. And so he did.  Anyway, Carter then dispatched Pieczenik, then a senior state department official, to Rome to handle the crisis.  Pieczecnik has admitted that when Moro’s letters from captivity became ever more desperate he advised the Italian government to put out the message that Moro was already dead, a fake message to be false attributed to the Red Brigades. This was done. It was a message to the Italian public that it was now too late to do anything about him, like pay ransom, as well as a message to the real Red Brigades that they could not hope to use him as a bargaining chip.  There were worries that Aldo Moro might start telling the non infiltrated bits of Red Brigade about the secret Gladio project where American intelligence exercised a prophylactic control over Italian politics. It was cruel but had been done.  The Telegraph has more on this.   So he did bad things then.  I have always favoured the idea of European independence. But now he is doing good things.

Alex Jones’s preamble can usefully be skipped; the interesting stiff begins at 1m30



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