The 53-year coverup


The Warren commission is responsible for a lot of bad things. Consisting of establishment figures, it found that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone killer and there was no conspiracy. Three bullets were fired and one bullet, the so called Magic or single bullet, was responsible for creating the non fatal wounds in both governor Connally and the president. A second bullet smashed Kennedy’s head. A third bullet missed and a chip off the pavement nicked a bystander.

In reality, there were probably more than three bullets, there was almost certainly more than one gunman and the fact that the FBI and others seem so intent and conducting a proper investigation makes you wonder if these multiple assassins did not have links with powerful forces in American society. After all, it was logically possible for there to be more than one gunman without it being a conspiracy in the political sense. Oswald could have plotted it with another set of losers. But if that was the case, there would surely not have been an enormous cover-up? The men who weren’t caught and who weren’t investigated: Who were they working for?

The lion’s share of the work at the Warren Commission was done by young lawyers. Arlen Specter, a young prosecutor, the most forward of them. The Warren Commission was not put together to find out the truth. But to create a reality that has lasted 50 years. Even Wikipedia, despite its reputation as a place where the truth can come out – it is not a traditional gateway publisher – hews to a basic Warren commission line that marginalises what Wikipedia calls “conspiracy theories” down to one paragraph. (Although admittedly it does admit the House Committee on Assassinations in 1979 concluded there was more than one assassin, but without saying who.) This enormously minimises the importance of the work of a great many writers and investigators over the years, taking over where the FBI failed to look. It is similar to the Palme assassination. The Swedish police cannot be cajoled into picking up the leads provided by journalists and independent historians

As with the Palme murder, it is easier to say what it wasn’t than what it was. It wasn’t a single killer. It was a conspiracy.

Let us set the scene: Dallas, a balmy November day, Kennedy and wife Jackie were nearing the end of their Dallas tour in an open Lincoln. Tens of thousands had turned up to line the streets this sunny lunchtime. Jackie was resplendent in a pink coat and JFK looked handsome and young. In the open topped presidential limousine, the Texas governor John Connally and his wife Nellie were sitting in front of the presidential couple.

As the crowds thinned out as the car circled Dealey Plaza – a large expanse of greenery intersected with roads – Nellie turned to JFK and said: “You can see, Dallas loves you.” Then it was the bullets exploded. And they came from the front right, the area known as the grassy knoll.


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