JFK and Trump

I have immersed myself in the Kennedy assassination for the past two weeks
Much more interesting, and of course important for the world, than the Palme murder
And much more blatantly obvious that it was a cover up.
The Warren Commission completely disregarded all forensic and witness evidence of multiple gunmen.
To my immense surprise, there is nothing to tie even Oswald with certainty to the murder. He would have been acquitted had the case come to court.
As you know, he was gunned down by Jack Ruby before that happened.
All much was clear after even a few hours’ reading about the assassination, on my first evening. One book was enough to establish the broad outline. Then of course I have deepened my knowledge. But essentially it’s the same stuff I read about in the first evening.  As an aficionado of assassinations, I can say this: the Kennedy case for conspiracy is much stronger than the Palme one.
On the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, in 2013, there was a slew of articles and analyses in the New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post. These are the newspapers of the establishment. None of them gave any credence to the story that JFK was killed by a conspiracy –  probably originating in the Deep State.  But it is not necessary to speculate about that. It is possible to stick to the forensic facts and conclude there were multiple gunmen, a conspiracy in other words. They didn’t do that.
Instead they demonised the hardworking researchers who have done an enormous amount to bring the truth to the public as “tinfoil brigade” and “conspiracy nuts.”  I wonder. Can’t the journalists read. Are they just misinformed or are they lying – perhaps on order from higher ups. If they are lying, why are the lying? Why don’t they give the an outline of the very cogent and clear conspiracy arguments? It is not that hard.
That is the establishment media for you. I think of those witnesses in Dealey Plaza who have been ignored, demonised and ostracised for telling the truth about what happened that day.  Soldiers, seamstresses, railway workers, clerks. Normal Americans. People who were just caught up in the event and would not compromise on their personal morals and tell a lie.
The Kennedy assassination is the perfect example of the control that the Deep State has over the media, preventing them from doing their job and exposing the truth. The grotesque distortions in the newspaper coverage of the Libya, Syria and Ukraine conflicts are other examples.  It is a symbol of how Washington has been corrupted by its role as capital of world empire. That corruption goes beyond journalistic submission to the Deep State. It probably spreads to many many areas which I don’t even know about, but which is close to the lives of American people. Bad people get the financial breaks while America’s infrastructure crumbles.
So that is why Trump was elected.  The American public wants an America that works for them, not the crony capitalists, lobbyists and lying journalists of Washington.  As a journalist, the behaviour of the press particularly disappoints me. Why don’t they see this?
 Why don’t they realise everyone hates them?  Perhaps mainstream journalists see themselves as paladins of truth, battling populist fascism, ie Trump, while everyone else sees them as defenders of the corrupt, cynical establishment they occasionally affect to criticise.

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