Secret history makes school history pointless


JFK left, a problem for CIA chief Allen Dulles, centre

What I didn’t know a few weeks ago.

I have spent a lot of time reading books about the JFK assassination in the last couple of weeks. Been an eye-opener. I thought I was pretty clued up on secret history of the Cold War. After all, I have written two books on the subject. But now I realise there’s much more to it. Very clever, dedicated writers have spent lifetimes trying to explain the Cold War from the perspective of the JFK assassination’s real truth. And it’s not pretty. If what they say is true then all modern era history books used in schools are bunkum.

I suppose becoming experts on the JFK assassination makes them professional sceptics about everything else. So they have a useful frame of mind.  Plus, digging into the JFK assassination acquaints them with CIA papers and CIA contacts who offer them an alternative secret history on other Cold War topics too. These bald statements might need eventual qualification. Accept them as hypotheses to be subjected to further testing and verification.

The CIA encouraged the 1956 Hungary uprising  in order to involve the United States in a war with the Soviet Union. Eisenhower refused to help the Hungarian realising that he would rather sacrifice a few thousand Hungarians than hundreds of thousands of Americans.

The CIA was responsible for the U-2 incident because it wanted to stop the incipient peace approaches that were taking place between Khrushchev and Eisenhower.

Gehlen was responsible for the Cold War.  Reinhard Gehlen was the head of the German army’s spying operations on the Eastern front. After the war he was recruited by the Americans. He helped launch the Cold War by producing a report that massively exaggerated the Soviet threat against Western Europe. A dedicated Nazi therefore created the whole Cold War industry which ended up employing thousands of people in the CIA.

The CIA assassinated Kennedy because Kennedy wanted peace with the Soviet Union.  Kennedy realised that the CIA was composed of lunatic warmongers who wanted war with the Soviet Union – a war that was unwinnable –  and after the Bay of Pigs operation he wished the CIA to be broken into 1,000 pieces and scattered to the winds.  JFK fired long-standing chief Allen Dulles but didn’t have time for further reforms before being assassinated. Allen Dulles returned as a member of the fraudulent Warren commission which decided that Kennedy had been killed by Lee Harvey Oswald.

The CIA assassinated Kennedy’s girlfriend Mary Meyer.

Many witnesses in the Kennedy assassination died suspiciously and prematurely

People who question the official story of the Kennedy assassination died early. I’m compiling a list of them. Vladimir Putin is supposed to have assassinated opponents. Maybe. But is the United States any better?

The CIA was responsible for the break-in at Watergate. It was deliberately screwed up so that the so-called Watergate plumbers could be caught and embarrass Nixon; indeed destroy Nixon through impeachment. Nixon was a threat to the CIA

This begs the question: to what extent was the CIA responsible for the Ukrainian crisis of 2014? It has overtones of the Hungary crisis of 1956. Elements of the American intelligence services encourage the Ukrainian Nazi affiliated nationalists to revolt against the elected government of Yanukovich. When US president is made aware of what’s gone on he reduces support for the putschists. This leaves the country in the lurch. Ukraine is now going bankrupt because not only has the EU-US withdrawn support that Ukrainians might have felt they were promised by the CIA, but relations with chief trading partner Russia are also broken.

The Ukrainian crisis of 2014 and the Hungarian crisis of 1956 were both provocations carried out by intelligence services that did not speak for their president. Let’s set aside the moral aspects of what they were doing. Of course Hungarians were living under Stalinist tyranny, and Russia was responsible for that. The Ukrainian situation before 2014 was different; a failed state, but you couldn’t really blame Russia or Putin. Rather, it was the fault of the home-grown oligarchs. It is not clear whether the coup solved Ukraine’s problems especially as it was never going to lead to EU membership.

But it’s the methods is similar. The provocation is carried out; the opponent responds and the aim is that this response provokes the entire United States into a counter-response which leads to escalated global conflict. The CIA are acting as provocateurs to force the President of the United States to involve the United States into a foreign policy of the CIA’s bidding. The general public have little say or insight.  It becomes a foreign policy neither in the interests nor the wishes of the Western public.

Meanwhile the Swedish media follow a CIA line that could have been written at Langley. They are loyal cheerleaders for everything CIA are doing in Eastern Europe. Are they completely ignorant of the geopolitics or are they simply bought? How many Swedish journalists are being paid by the CIA? I can think of a few names.


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