About me



I am a journalist, film-maker and political writer, author of five books, currently residing in Sweden. Areas of expertise: writing about Deep State, cold war, propaganda, political assassinations, politics of the new European populism.

Educated at Westminster School, and Bristol, I have had a career in journalism, working as an editor at the Guardian, the Independent on Sunday and the Times. My journalism has been published in the Financial Times, the European, Africa Today, the Sunday Times, New Scientist, the Lancet and the Economist.

This is a mostly a portal page for my books and films, but an occasional blog will contain reflections, news items, links, essays, notes and developments of the themes explored in my books.  Some of the material may be in Swedish.  I will also link to my documentaries.



Sweden, Dying to be Multicultural

The Life and Death of Olof Palme

Brexit: American Empire, European Union

Ghost Hunt

Murder on the Death Star

Films available, some free, at our Two Ravens Film  page

YouTube channel, including talks on the Deep State and earlier documentary versions

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