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Murder on the Death Star, published April 2017, $4.99IMG_3243

JFK was elected in 1960 on a platform of being a hawk. But the close brush with nuclear destruction – which Kennedy alone prevented in the teeth of opposition of his generals – during the Cuba crisis in October 1962 converted him into a man whose burning life mission was to end the cold war. Kennedy made in the first ten months of 1963 an extraordinary number of decisions favouring detente that would probably have wound down the superpower conflict had he lived.
But Kennedy had powerful enemies. The oil industry, the mafia, Texas dixiecrats, the anti Castro exiles, all for various reasons. But his most powerful opponents were in the deep state: the CIA, which had kept alive the hostility to Castro through an endless campaign of small-bore covert operations, and the military, which felt Kennedy was weak when backing away from a non-military solution to the Cuba crisis. Never mind the possibility of a nuclear all-out war with Russia. The military and CIA regarded Kennedy’s nimble diplomatic manoeuvring as surrender. There are obvious parallels today with the Deep State’s conflict today, 2017, with Trump, who won the election on the basis partly of ending the pointless new cold war with Russia. Did the Deep state kill Kennedy – and will Trump’s fear of suffering the same fate force him to back down before the war party’s desires to escalate the conflict with Russia?